Friday, May 28, 2010

We are going on a trip...

So, this is our first family trip and it's a long one! We are going to Argentina for three weeks and I'll be back bursting with material to post.
Our theme song is "Are we there yet?" by Mosse A. Moose from Noggin. Enjoy!
Nos vemos en menos de lo que canta un gallo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sobrinito en camino...

Voy a set tía por primera vez! Mi hermanito y su esposa, Alex, esperan su primer hijo para Septiembre 2010. Me llena de alegría pensar en nuestra familia y sus nuevas generaciones.
El único consejo que me atrevería a dar a mi hermano y cuñada es que tengan mucho cuidado con lo que hacen y dicen todos los días. Los niños son esponjas que modelan su conducta, pensamientos y sentimientos con los ejemplos que ven a diario. Esa la lección más importante que me ha enseñado mi hija (hasta ahora).
I'm going to be an auntie for the first time! My little brother and his wife, Alex, are expecting their first baby boy in September 2010. It gives me great joy to think about our family and the new generations. The only piece of advice that I would dare give my brother and sister in law is that they should be extremely careful with what they say and do each day. Children are like sponges and they model their behavior, thoughts and feelings with the examples they are exposed to daily. That's the most important lesson my daughter has taught me (yet).