Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eloise and Zoe

   My daughter is hooked on the Eloise books and movies, even if I find Eloise a little fresh for my taste. Since I told her that the Plaza Hotel is a real hotel in NYC, she wants to go and see if Eloise is there. Much as I want her to believe that characters in books are real, I had to tell her that Eloise is a fictional character (not in those words). And then I corrected myself and told her that a character like Eloise is a "possibility". I wanted her to go to the Plaza and wonder if there is a 6 year old girl living in luxury and mischief with her Nanny.
   In a world of facts and speed, I want my daughter to have the time to wonder what is possible, to discover how the world works in her own time, to take the time to dream about characters in books. 
See you soon Plaza Hotel, maybe for tea time with Eloise!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Victorian Mysteries

I've been a fan of Anne Perry's books for a long time now and have read her two mystery series back to back: the Pitt and the Monk sets of novels. Here are two victorian mystery series that I cannot put down!

1- Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia Grey Trilogy: Silent in the Grave; Silent in the Moor; Silent in the Sanctuary.

2- Tasha Alexander's Lady Emiliy's Mysteries: And Only to Deceive; A Poisoned Season; A Fatal Waltz.

If you know of any mystery series/ author/ book that you want to recommend, please send me a line.


Soy fanática de los libros de Anne Perry desde hace tiempo y leí dos de su series de misterio una detras de la otra: las novelas de Pitt y Monk. Estas son dos series nuevas (para mí) de misterio victoriano que no puedo dejar de leer!

1- Deanna Raybourn: La trilogía de Lady Julia Grey.

2- Tasha Alexander: Los misterios de Lady Emily.

Si saben de alguna serie/ autor/ libro de misterio que quieran recomendar, me avisan por favor.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mac and Cheese with a Twist

This recipe was inspired by my intention to incorporate vegetables in every dish that my daughter eats. She actually eats it! Not only does it make many servings (that I freeze) but it is also relatively inexpensive (no fancy cheese).

- 1 package of organic frozen spinach

- 2 oz of pepper jack cheese

- 2 oz of mild cheddar

- sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and panko

- plenty of nutmeg

- salt and pepper

- bechamel sauce (you can also just make a quick rue with a little butter, flour and milk and call it a day. The purpose is to make a little sauce to bind the dish and to cut down on the amount of cheese)

Cook the pasta according to package instructions.

Make the bechamel / rue in a pan large enough to fit all ingredients

Add the defrosted package of spinach, cheese, nutmeg and seasoning

Mix together until ingredients are combined

Add the al dente pasta

Transfer all to baking dish and sprinkle top with panko and Parmesan cheese

Bake in oven until golden and serve


Monday, April 4, 2011

Scandalous History

I hope you can see this picture (taken with my phone) well enough. The Stamford Barnes and Noble named one of its isles Scandalous History and I thought it fun to share. Your guess is correct: there's an abundance of Borgia tales and biographies of French kings that "lived fully". As for the scandalous part, there's a lot in history that should go into that rather small isle dedicated to the notorious romantic escapes of Popes and Kings.
Espero vean bien la foto sacada con mi teléfono. El Barnes and Nobles de Stamford nombró Historia escandalosa a una de sus secciones. Y, sí, están en lo correcto si pensaron que ahí abundan las historias de los Borgias y las biografías de reyes franceses que tuvieron una "vida plena". En cuanto a la descripción de escandalosa, hay mucha más historia que debería incluirse en esa parte pequeña de la librería - no sólo los cuentos de tórridos romances de Papas y Reyes.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Masa de tarta

Tarta de Zapallitos antes de hornear. Zucchini Pie before the oven.
Masa de tarta "facilísima". "Easy" pie crust.
Estas son las fotos de la masa de tarta "facilísima" de la que escribí en el post anterior.

These are the pics of the pie crust I blogged about before.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Masa de tarta facilísima!

Mi Mamá me dió esta receta para masa de tarta hace unos días. Es muy fácil de hacer, rápida y rica. Yo hice una tarta de cebollas, queso y crema pero se puede rellenar con lo que quieran. Aquí va:
- 2 tazas de harina leudante o harina común (con un poco de polvo para hornear)
- 1/2 taza de aceite de canola
- 1/2 taza de agua
- sal a gusto
Poner la harina sobre la mesada y hacer un hueco con las manos en el centro.
Agregar el agua y el aceite de a poco e incorporarlo con la harina y la sal lentamente hasta fromar una masa.
Formar un bollo de masa sin amasar demasiado. Envolver el bollo con papel plástico y dejarlo reposar en la heladera por 30 minutos.
Estirar hasta obtener el grosor deseado y forrar un molde de tarta previamente enmantecado y espolvoreado con pan rallado.
Rellenen la masa con lo que mas les guste y Bon appetit!
My Mom gave me this recipe for pie crust this week. It's easy to make, quick and delicious. I made onion, cream and cheese quiche but the possibilities are endless. Here goes:
- 2 cups flour ( if it is regular flour add 1 tsp or so of baking powder)
- 1/2 cup canola oil
- 1/2 cup water
- salt to taste
Put flour on top of counter and make a well in the center.
Add the water and oil slowly working the flour into the well until the dough is formed.
Do not over knead the dough, just form a ball and cover it with plastic wrap . Put it in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.
Roll dough until desired width and fit it into a tart pan previously greased and dusted with breadcrumbs.
Fill your pie crust with whatever your heart desires (bake) and enjoy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second ESL year at St Mary's

The new year is here and the second ESL session begins next Wednesday 2nd February at 7 at St. Mary's. The book this year is Side by Side - Book 2 and Workbook 2.

Please contact St. Mary's if you have any questions at (203)324-7321.

Hope to see you there.
Llegó el año nuevo y empezamos la segunda sesión de clases de inglés el próximo miércoles 2 de Enero a las 7 en la iglesia de St. Mary's.

Contáctenos llamando al (203)324-7321 si tienen alguna pregunta..

Los esperamos.