Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mac and Cheese with a Twist

This recipe was inspired by my intention to incorporate vegetables in every dish that my daughter eats. She actually eats it! Not only does it make many servings (that I freeze) but it is also relatively inexpensive (no fancy cheese).

- 1 package of organic frozen spinach

- 2 oz of pepper jack cheese

- 2 oz of mild cheddar

- sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and panko

- plenty of nutmeg

- salt and pepper

- bechamel sauce (you can also just make a quick rue with a little butter, flour and milk and call it a day. The purpose is to make a little sauce to bind the dish and to cut down on the amount of cheese)

Cook the pasta according to package instructions.

Make the bechamel / rue in a pan large enough to fit all ingredients

Add the defrosted package of spinach, cheese, nutmeg and seasoning

Mix together until ingredients are combined

Add the al dente pasta

Transfer all to baking dish and sprinkle top with panko and Parmesan cheese

Bake in oven until golden and serve


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