Thursday, February 28, 2013

Eloise and Zoe

   My daughter is hooked on the Eloise books and movies, even if I find Eloise a little fresh for my taste. Since I told her that the Plaza Hotel is a real hotel in NYC, she wants to go and see if Eloise is there. Much as I want her to believe that characters in books are real, I had to tell her that Eloise is a fictional character (not in those words). And then I corrected myself and told her that a character like Eloise is a "possibility". I wanted her to go to the Plaza and wonder if there is a 6 year old girl living in luxury and mischief with her Nanny.
   In a world of facts and speed, I want my daughter to have the time to wonder what is possible, to discover how the world works in her own time, to take the time to dream about characters in books. 
See you soon Plaza Hotel, maybe for tea time with Eloise!