Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CPR Certification

Two weeks ago, my husband and I took an Infant and Child CPR Course at the Red Cross of Stamford It consisted of a video section with commentary by the instructor, a practical section where we practised CPR on dolls and finally a test section to become certified.

Since we are new parents, this class was a must for us but I also recommend it to everyone who happens to be around children.

The most sobering piece of information we learnt was that for every minute that a child(or adult) is not breathing, 10% of her brain function can be compromised. The average response of the Energency Services (EMS) in CT is 5 minutes . You do the math.

I know that we are all scrunched by the economic situation but this is a valuable investment. The course costs $60 and certification is valid for one year. There are refresher courses available as well.


Certificado en resucitación cardiopulmonar

Hace dos semanas mi marido y yo tomamos una clase de Resucitación Cardiopulmonar para bebés y niños en la Cruz Roja de Stamford, CT En la primera parte de la clase se ve un video comentado por el instructor, luego hay una parte práctica donde se usa un muñeco para la resucitación y finalmente, se toma un exámen para obtener la certificación.

Como fuimos padres hace poco, esta clase era una necesidad para nosotros pero lo recomiendo para todos aquellos que estén en contacto con niños.

El dato más impactante que nos dieron fue que por cada minuto que un niño está sin respirar, 10% de su actividad cerebral puede quedar comprometida. El tiempo promedio de respuesta de los servicios de emergencia de CT es de 5 minutos. ¡Hagan la cuenta!

Todos estamos ajustando los cinturones por la crisis económica pero este curso es una inversión valiosa. El curso cuesta $60 y la certificación es válida por un año. Ofrecen, además, clases de revisión.

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Meaghan said...

Such an important topic. And at $60, this class seems like a bargain when you consider the cost of not knowing what to do in an emergency.

Stefania said...

I know... and we meant to take the class when I was pregnant and always potponed it. Finally, we took it and two nights ago Zoe chocked while drinking her bottle. I was alone at home and frankly the course came back in a flash. I turned her upside down and "patted" the place between her shoulder blades a couple of times. She spit up the milk, but that unblocked her throat! Until her cough get better we have to be very careful while feeding her.