Friday, June 19, 2009

Continents/ Los Continenetes

The number of continents of the world is - lo and behold - a mere convention. Wikipedia has an interesting chart explaining what countries or regions adhere to what number of continents. I suspect dark politics lurking behind such conventions.
I was taught in school (in South America) that there was one continent called America but my husband was taught in school (in the US) that there are two Americas: North and South. What about Central America?
El número de continentes que hay en el mundo es - aunque no lo crean - una mera convención.
Wikipedia tiene un cuadro ilustrativo de los países o regiones que adiheren a que número de continentes. Sospecho que hay oscuras políticas educativas detrás de las mentadas convenciones.
A mí me enseñaron en la escuela (en América del Sur) que hay un continente llamado América pero a mi marido le enseñaron en la escuela (en los EEUU) que hay dos Américas: Norte y Sur. ¿Y que pasó con América Central?


Whitemist said...

You like the, how can i say this politely, prejudice?

Stefania said...

We talk about many of these issues with my husband since he has a wider perspective regarding education in the US and in a South American country (Colombia). Issues like the number of continents spark huge discussions... I was thought that there was one American Continent (land mass approach?) and I still count it that way. I can see how an argument can be made that the Panama Canal separates the land mass into two. But still, I'm all for unity. What do you think? Dis you see the link to the chart?