Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ajiaco colombiano

Este fin de semana preparé mi primer Ajiaco. El ajiaco, plato típico de la cocina colombiana, es una sopa de pollo, varias clases de papas, maiz y huascas. Venden la bolsa con todo lo que se necesita en los supermercados Grade A de Stamford.

La sopa se espesa por las papas criollas (amarillas y pequeñas) que se deshacen en la cocción.
Se sirve con crema, alcaparras y aguacate además del infaltable arroz blanco como acompañamiento. ¡Una delicia!

¿Y adivinen quién comió su primer Ajiaco el domingo?

This weekend I prepared my first Ajiaco. It is a typical dish of colombian cuisine: a soup with chicken, many kinds of potato, corn and huascas (herb). You can buy the bag with all the ingredients at Grade A superarkets in Stamford.
It's served with creme fraiche, capers, avocado and the ubiquitous white rice on the side. Amazing!

And guess who had her first Ajiaco on Sunday?


Marcela said...

The Ajiaco is an absolutely delicious soup and its the main lunch soup in Bogota. It sounds like it was tasty the way you prepared it, the only thing that you were missing with the white rice was the advocado. I'm sure the little one loved it, perhaps she will LOVE soups..not like daddy ;)

Whitemist said...

Sounds wonderful! I have had it a number of years ago, but never made it. I will need to try one time.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Can you get it in Ohio or do you have a recipe?

Stefania said...

Hi Kate,
There are many recipes online that I looked at. However, the recipe for the one on Sunday was pretty easy since I bought the "ajiaco bag" at the supermarket.
First, I cooked the seasoned chiken( only breast in this case but you can use whatever you prefer) in a pot in water with onions and garlic. Once the chicken is cooked, I took it out of the pot and added the bag that contains: corn, yellow potato (papa criolla), regular potato and a pouch with huascas (herbs). This cooked until the papa criolla started to disolve and thiken and the the chicken went back in. Taste and adjust seasoning: salt and pepper.
You serve it with a little cream on top and capers. Avocado and rice on the side!
The trick is to get the special potatoes and herbs... Good luck!