Monday, September 14, 2009

Raising Multilingual Children

I came across a gem of a book at the local library. The book is Raising Multilingual Children - Foreign Language Acquisition and Children. It answered most of the questions I had regarding the timing for the introduction of a third language into our bilingual household. It also provides a strategy or course of action to implement the new language as well as explanations of how this process takes place in the child's brains.
This read will spark even more questions but I'm hoping to build a reference corner soon in this blog with more resources for multicultural children, their families and community. If you have any link or tittle to recommend, please let me know.

Encontré esta joyita en la biblioteca pública. Este libro se llama Raising Multilingual Children - Foreign Language Acquisition and Children. Respondió la mayoria de las preguntas que tenía acerca del momento correcto para introducir un tercer idioma en nuestra familia bilingue. Además, el libro describe la estrategia o plan para implementar el nuevo idioma junto con la explicación del proceso que se lleva a cabo en la mente de los niños.
Esta lectura va a traer incluso más preguntas pero quiero construir pronto un sitio de referencia en este blog con mas recursos para niños multi culturales, sus familias y la comunidad. Si tienen algun enlace o título para recomendar me dejan saber.


Guiri Girl said...

Hi Stefania,

I just happened across your blog, and I love what you're trying to accomplish. You can find all sorts of resources on bilingualism at ( is the Spanish version of the site). My husband and I started Bilingual Readers to provide modern bilingual books for kids. I also really enjoy and Good luck and keep in touch!

Stefania said...

Thanks so much for the info! See that I posted about Bilingual Readers this week.