Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Break

Dear Friends,

I'm taking some time off blogging for this Holiday Season and will return in 2010 to keep sharing Lost and Found in Translation and some other projects I've been working on.

May you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy as if there's no tomorrow.



Queridos Amigos:

Me tomo unos días de descando para estas fiestas y regresaré en el 2010 para continuar compartiendo Lost and Found in Translation y algunos otros proyectos en los que estoy trabajando.

Que disfruten, disfruten, disfruten como si cada día fuese el último.



Dave said...

Great title for your blog! I'm a student at UC Berkeley and write for a blog with a similar name, and love seeing blogs in two languages. Do you know of others?

Stefania said...

Hi, and thanks! I actually haven't seen another bilingual blog. Is yours bilingual as well? Send your link! Regards, Stefania